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Vu 308
03-20-2008, 8:00 AM
Item # 1: (2) Blackhawk Ammo Pouches in almost new condition 30.00 shipped. SOLD

Item # 2: New Redding Type S 6.5x284 Die 45.00 shipped.

Item # 3: Safariland 6004 Holster for a HK USP45 (designed for cock and lock carry)60.00 shipped.

Item # 4: New Warne 20MOA Base for Winchester M70 SA – 50.00 shipped. SOLD

Item # 5: Rifle Basix LV-1 Trigger for M700 w/safety and bolt release. Used but I just had it sent back to Rifle Basix for tune up and once over. New pins included. 100.00 shipped.

Item # 6: Remington Trigger for M700. No safety, pins or bolt release. 30.00 shipped

Item # 7: Tactical Tailor MALICE Pack V3 with E-Tool Carrier Mod.
Frame, TT Super Belt and Super Straps are included. Setup goes for almost 400.00 New. Used once and in excellent condition. 290.00 shipped.

Item # 8: SOE/Blackhawk LBE setup.
SOE H-Harness
SOE Buttpack
Blackhawk M-16mag pouches, Canteen pouches, and GP Pouch.
Used but in excellent condition.
160.00 shipped

Item # 9: Dakine and Camelbak hydration units. The Dakine does not have a bladder. The Camel back does but I would replace it. 45.00 shipped for both.

REAL SOE Riggers belt size large OD: 40.00 shipped NEW
Specter Gear Last Resort Belt Size Large Black: 30.00 shipped NEW

Top knife is a CRKT M16 Desert Tactical Folder. Never carried. Sharpened once. 50.00 shipped
Bottom knife is a CRKT Crawford Kasper 45.00 shipped SOLD

Badlands Monster Pack used in 1 short hunt. Almost new condition. 95.00 shipped.

Lapua 6.5x284 Brass 150 new pieces. 110.00 shipped.