View Full Version : Reminton Model 798sps?

03-18-2008, 7:21 AM
Hey anybody have one of these?
I have been checking out 308`s and would like an opinion on these.
I have a moison-nagant and would like to get a more serious rifle so I can maybe get into some precisin shooting. All the model 700`s I have checked out feel like they have grit in the actions compared to my 50+ year old Nagant. Is this normal, would they free up with usage?

03-18-2008, 7:34 AM
IIRC- the Rem 798 is based on the mauser 98 action. Controlled feeding of the rounds and other mauser goodness. Not sure if the same aftermarket part that work on a mauser 98 are interchangeable with the 798.
If you are going to get into precision shooting you may just want to get the 700 because of the availability of aftermarket parts, expecially the triggers. Or maybe a Savage with the accutrigger.

And yes the trigger will free up with usage, but how much is anyones guess.