View Full Version : LMT lower assembly selector question

03-17-2008, 1:06 PM
I bought 2 LMT lowers recently from out of state brand new. One has the 2 stage trigger and the other the regular trigger. 2 stage lower also has the sopmod stock and the regular one has the regular collapsible carbine style stock. I had the stock and pistol grip sent to me first along with the little detents and springs that comes out when removing the two parts. Here is my question. I was looking at the parts he sent to me directly to my house and 1 of the selector clear has "LMT" written tiny on the selector while the other doesn't. Did I just get ripped and given a cheaper brand selector part? Also some of the take down pins look alittle off from each other. Do lower making companies have slightly different finish between some batches of parts?