View Full Version : My review of the Tapco Galil style hand guards for "CA" Ak clone rifles

Jimmy Deuce
03-16-2008, 10:53 AM
I recently went on a shoot with a few friends. I took my Romy G and recently converted form wood to polymer including a Tapco Galil style hand guard.
First on installation. The install was fairly easy. I am no gun smith so I found it to be fairly user friendly. Some fitting was needed for my rifle (should be expected as this hand guard is for most AK variants out there). A little sanding and it fit great. Now for the function. If you have larger hands I suggest you pick up the Tapco Galil hand guard as its wraps around the gas tube and barrel never letting you hand touch either. I tested the hand guard with 3 10 rd rapid fire mag dumps. The hand guard was fine barley warm to the touch. I also tested it with 20 rds of bump fire and it was also only warm to to the touch.
I continued with my regular shooting through out the day and at no time did I find the hand guard hot or untouchable. This was a good upgrade and a well made product. it can e found at various retailers on the net or at Tapco's website.