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04-01-2014, 3:12 PM
Dear Valued Customers,

Spring has arrived...FINALLY! The snow is melting away here in New Hampshire and we are giddy with anticipation of warmer weather. Like April flowers, spring shooting competitions will be starting to pop up across the country and I for one am excited. Although I personally am not a competition shooter I do look forward to getting back to a warmer range. No more wool hats, fingerless gloves and thick jackets. No slow reloads with sore cold and numb thumbs. Instead we will be treated with happy singing birds that have returned fresh and invigorated, just like me. I can almost imagine that warm sun, cool breeze and the rush of being free of that heavy winter coat.

Although many creatures slumber during the winter months, TANDEMKROSS is not one of them. If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter then you already know we have been like Santa’s elves, working day and night to bring the next big request to the table. This spring, we have some serious treats for you. In this newsletter I review some of them below and also give you an update on one of our most popular projects, Kanewolf.

“The Challenger”

Nearly 12 months in design and development we have finally brought this piece to market. For those of you who don’t know, “The Challenger” is a competition grade charging handle for the MKIII and 22/45. Designed specifically for reliability, performance and function this part is geared for the serious shooter who is focused on winning.

Sometimes at TANDEMKROSS we look at solutions in the market to either OEM (white label) or even retail that complement our current product set. The problem is, we are picky. Some may even argue we are too picky, to the point where it slows our own company growth. However we know our customers either want truly innovative or unique solutions and they want them at the best quality for the best price. That means if TANDEMKROSS is not 100% satisfied with what we see in existing market solutions then we will bring our own solution to market. That’s exactly what we did with the TANDEMKROSS “Challenger” Charging Handle.

In development there were 3 major problems we wanted to tackle that were the direct result of feedback from our customers and beta testers. Number 1, reliability. If the pistol cannot cycle then the charging handle is useless. Made from aircraft grade aluminum this part is as light as its going to get without reducing much needed grip surface or sleek look and design.

Number 2, function. Pinball machines solved this problem many years ago and the action of charging a gun is not too different. Sleek, correct depth concentric rings on a generous amount of surface give you plenty of grip allowing consistent, reliable and most importantly quick charging action.

Number 3, ambidextrous. Our world is full of left and right handed shooters. We knew we needed a product that could accommodate both as well as the holsters they wear. The vertical cone design allows exactly this. It doesn’t matter if you wear your holster high, low, left or right. The TANDEMKROSS “Challenger” will fit on your gun and in your holster ready to use when you need it.

Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP series pistol is one of, if not “the” go-to carry pistols in the world. Many of our 22/45 and MKIII customers are also LCP customers and we have had numerous requests to support this gun and more specifically, “fix that dang takedown pin!”.

I am proud to announce the TANDEMKROSS “Tool-less” Takedown Pin for the Ruger LCP. When you have a carry pistol this typically translates into self-defense. Reliability is 100% must. Cut from hardened steel this pin is designed to replace the stock takedown pin that is notorious for walking itself out and shearing at the most inconvenient of times. The TANDEMKROSS version has a slight notch that, with a twist of your thumbnail, locks itself right into place. This gives the defender confidence their pistol function safely and reliably.

In addition to the takedown pin TANDEMKROSS now carries the top 2 accessories and upgrades for Ruger LCP platform. First off we are proud to carry the infamous “MagGuts” conversion kits giving you an extra round of magazine capacity. Every owner should install this kit, get your extra round with no downsides. In addition we also offer the Hogue “Handall Hybrid” grip. This fantastic design gives you improved comfort and handling for this little firecracker of a firearm.

KaneWolf 22/45 SlingShot Kit

First off we are very sorry we have been out of stock on this part for such a long time. We know this has frustrated some of our customers as this is a MUST have upgrade. We appreciate your patience and want to assure you we are working hard to get this part back to market. Many companies are just about profit and would have released this part months ago in an unsatisfactory state. For us, it’s about delivering a quality part that not only meets but exceeds the original part.

Many of you don’t know that the previous manufacturing method was slow and unreliable. One of the agreements of taking on this product and partnering with Kanewolf was to fix and own the manufacturing process. We are doing just that. This product is complex to manufacture and involves a multi-faceted production process. We believe we now have this process licked and very close to market readiness.

Just coming out of round 2 of Beta testing, we have applied the feedback and are attempting to make our final run. Just a little bit longer and you too will soon be able to slingshot your 22/45 like every other modern firearm on today’s market. Thank you so much for your patience, it will be worth it!!

In closing I just wanted to thank our loyal customer base for your business. We are not some corporate giant with oodles of resources or cash. We are just ordinary Americans realizing our dream to bring quality solutions to a market we love while supporting our country and not compromising our values. All the while delivering on fantastic customer service, treating YOU how WE would want to be treated.

Many of you appreciate that aspect of our business and without you we would not exist. Please keep letting us know what YOU need next as that is what keeps us in business. Have a great spring everyone. See you next newsletter.

- Bryan
Business Development Manager

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