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03-14-2008, 1:11 PM
Any one going to the Stockton Gun Show at the Fairgrounds this weekend 3-15-08 - 3-16-08 . I,m bringing Stag SLR, Rifles and S&W MP15, 15A's and 15T's Mag Logs and lower parts kits.

03-14-2008, 2:03 PM
i might get down there, as i am running low on beef jerkey.:eek:



03-14-2008, 5:08 PM
I'm planning to go tomorrow morning after work(I work graveyard shift) if all goes well at work. If i get hammered tonight, I may have to put the show off until Sun.

03-14-2008, 7:05 PM
Is this show any good or is it like the one in Roseville?

03-14-2008, 7:16 PM
I'll be there on Sat.

03-15-2008, 2:58 PM
I just got back from the Stockton show. I ended up getting up late this morning and heading out.

The show was quite small compared to how I remember the old Cow Palace shows I used to go to with my pops. And no re-loads to speak of...all I wanted was some .38 specials.

I did have the chance to introduce myself to Arbiter. He was busy schooling show attendees on the particulars of the OLL issues. He had a nice little selection of goodies at his table. A couple of others had some EBR stuff as well. Nice talking to you Arbiter.

I was able to score some killer beef jerky :D .

03-15-2008, 7:24 PM
So did it suck?

03-15-2008, 9:53 PM
Thats how the one in Roseville is very small.

03-16-2008, 12:34 AM
So did it suck?

I hate to say it, but yes, it pretty much sucked.

03-16-2008, 1:07 AM
it's the "stockton gun show of course it is very small and not very good. i did stop by after work sat, only filled up about 3/4 of one building.
lots of mil sup,
Sonoma guns (or how is his name you know the ar guy) he was there selling his wares.
saw a svt-40 but the seller wanted way too much for it, so he gets to keep it a bit longer.