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03-13-2008, 11:37 PM
Hi all,

Been cleaning out my closet and found some goodies that I don't use anymore. Here is the list.

BSA Cat Eye Scope:
It's a great scope I got from a fellow cal gunner. Unfortunately, my little 22 doesn't need the power. It's a 6-16X50 That is freakin awesome. I just don't think my gun can reach out pass 200 m accurately. Lol Great deal at $129. Will take trades so OBO is valid. Heres the site http://www.opticsplanet.net/bsa-optics-6-24x50mm-adjustable-objective-catseye-scope-fm624x50.html . It retails 160 + shipping.

Shot Gun barrel for Mossberg 500:
It's a 18 1/2 inch security model barrel. For pictures see this site for comparison. http://www.ableammo.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=92344

Air Soft G36C With Quad Rails laser dot projector, folding stock and hundreds of Plastic BBs, electric motor with charger.


Powerful Sling shot, Used only 20-30 shots, thought I would use it more but nothing to shoot at, Comes with a whole jar of metal BBs paid over $18
Close out sale $10!


Airsoft Colt 1911 with laser sight and one clip. GAS POWERED
pm offers or for more better pictures.


Skunk style gas mask $20


Automag Paint Ball Gun with Custom Eliminator barrel! This use to be my old speedball gun back when I was too poor to pic up a $400 autococker. Great present Have a bunch of accessories Such as a NO2 tank and auto hopper.
$100 What a bargin! Thats Automag with custom barrel and auto hopper and Nitrogen Tank! Even still has the free maintenance on the gun. PM for more pictures. *Sold*


Original Grips for Sig P226
$10 *Sold*

Don't know if there is any interest but I also have a old pocket bike I found in storage. Looks like it needs a little tender loving care to get it up to working condition, or could be scraped for it's 2 stroke motor and other parts. Also has a shell for the front to make it look like a sports bike. Pm for more pictures.
$80 *Sold* Can't beat that! (cough, four boxes of 9mm)

Screaming Eagle Compound Bow[/B][/COLOR] (a legend in it's time):
with 27 arrows (20 practice arrows aluminum with standard fletchings, 6 camo aluminum arrows with bristle fletchings 1 light weight arrow to send zooming at full speed when you wanna see some fast flight, all with blunt tips so u can use at the range, about 2-4 arrows are missing the tips but you can switch them around. Arrows are in decent shape, some got paint on them, but otherwise still flies well.), 29-31 inch draw length (to check your draw length, measure from your fist to your ear.) full size, 35-65 pounds draw currently set to 35 pounds for practice shooting. Recently replaced all the cables and string so it's ready to shoot. Comes with a cobra peep sight and attachable quiver and plunger. There is a slight nick on the limb, but I've shot it plenty of times with no problems. Invested well over 450 for it but only looking for 175 OBO. Awesome bow for anyone who could pull a 35pound or up. Also comes with a target I made from shrink wrapped insulation. All you need is a stand for it and a wood backing which you can make from Home Depot. Arrows sometimes goes through as it was only made for youth bows, but as long as you have a wood board or something strong behind it, arrows be fine. I spent 35 bux but it goes free with the bow. So whole package spent over 500 (including tax) all for the low low price of 175, willing to accept trade offers. Pm for more pictures, have some of target also. $175 *Sold*


There will be more to come, I'm located out in West Wood to LA. Would love to take trades. Looking for a Mossberg 500 24" rifled slug barrel with scope mount, ported is a +. Looking for a ported match barrel for my P226. Looking for a recoil reduction pistol grip w/stock for my Mossy and also a nice foregrip. And of course ammo is always welcome. 12 gauge slugs and other 12 gauge loads always welcome. Always looking for some 9mm. Last but not least, big fan of .22 lr. .22 Shotshells always welcome. Hell, even willing to take a Firearm any day for all of it. Hope to hear from people soon.

03-13-2008, 11:51 PM
Prices include shipping?

03-13-2008, 11:54 PM
Opps, I prefer FTF transaction, but willing to ship but will have to look up cost from fedex, usps, or fedex to see whos cheapest, but I think it's just easyer to meet up somewhere, Willing to travel for LUNCH~ :p

03-14-2008, 5:34 AM
I'll take the Original Grips for Sig P226. PM sent.

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Hey guys besides the bump, i'll be putting up some pics of the bow, seems like it's not getting the attention it deserves, think about it, u can shoot for free~!

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Pictures added guys, hope you like what you see~!

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I'll take the Automag, PM in.

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Consider the bow sold, my friend will buy it.

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