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Hank Dodge
03-13-2008, 7:05 PM
I've got a Mini-14 GB model that I've got out of state at the moment due to the current BS laws that are in effect. I'm unclear as to whether this weapon is in fact considered an AW or not. If I'm correct, it's not listed by name like an AR-15 is. By definition of features though, it might be classified as such. It has the ability to accept extended magazines of course and bayonet lug and birdcage on the muzzle. Mine wears a full length wood stock, so that's not an issue.

My question is this. Is that birdcage on my muzzle considered a muzzle brake or a flash hider? If it is a muzzle brake, the rifle would be legal; if it's a flash hider, it would not. Do I understand this all correctly?

If this is considered a flash hider, what can I do to make this gun legal in CA? Is there a muzzle brake that can be readily swapped on to bring it into compliance? I'm guessing that the factory one just threads on the end of the barrel?

Thanks for any input or suggestions.


03-13-2008, 7:08 PM
Yes the device on the end of your Mini is a flash hider. It just threads on. Not sure what the thread pitch on it is but you may find a AR muzzle brake for it to thread in place of the FH. The bayo lug is not an issue.

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