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03-13-2008, 4:34 PM
After much thought I have decided to sell my “Keeper” M14 (De-Milled) receiver set up. What you will get is one of the nicest cut (NOT Crunched – De-Milled Winchester M14 Receiver Ser# 25977. You will also get a super nice front half of a M14 Receiver. These parts fit so nicely – you have to look inside to see where they are cut. I am about to retire – sell my house and move – Time to thin the heard some

Rear Receiver and Trigger lock up very nice into stock.

Most all De-milled receivers are crunched so bad behind the Bolt Lock that you could not build a set up like this.

What you end up with is a great conversation piece of what our Government did to these great Weapons.

Along with this you will get:

Fully functional M14 (full auto) selector switch and connector arm.

Super nice "H&R" USGI (Fully functional) Trigger assembly.

Re-welded Winchester USGI Op-Rod - weld is not all that pretty but very usable.

Super nice USGI Stock bought from Elmer Balance.

If you would like a really nice conversation piece on what our great Government did to these wonderful M14 weapons – you will Not find a nicer example.

Price for everything is $400 including shipping to lower 48.

For more pictures or info harley0711@yahoo.com

next for sale will be my New Sage set up with LAW CA Legal stock. Stay tuned..

For more pictures please check this link to M14 forum.




03-13-2008, 6:15 PM
that is a bloody shame.