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03-19-2014, 10:10 AM
I cut this from AR15.com in order to help our brother in Rhode Island. Please help.

Today the Rhode Island House Judiciary comittee will hear bills containing draconian Anti Gun legeslation. Including a bill that combines CT and NY's safe act.

If you have ten minutes of time. Please send our comittee members an email telling them to out and out oppose the following bills

H-7582, -7583, -7584, -7585, -7857

email adresses:


Thanks folks--we could really use the help. Many of us will be at the State House today to speak, however some outside influenece is always good.

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Sample letter I sent to their reps.


Good afternoon,

I am writing this email to share with the legislators of Rhode Island the abysmal failure of Californiaís gun control laws that exist today. I have lived in California for more than 30 years. I have seen the erosion of our second amendment rights dwindle with no impact on gun violence here in this once great state. California has tried all kinds of schemes to curb gun violence but has yet to address the fundamental issue of gang violence. What is the point of wasting tax payer money to peruse legislation that will only affect law abiding citizens? None of the proposed laws will do what is intended, but will cost the tax payers in litigation that is sure to follow. And while all this goes on, the violence will continue unchecked because nobody is actually looking at the root of cause.

Please take a good look at what you are thinking about doing. Look in the faces of those it will affect, and think is this you want for your state. The citizens affected will resent you for it and the lawless will continue on, because laws donít effect the lawless. As for me, I will no longer pursue the idea of opening a restaurant in Rhode Island, because I can clearly see that there is no benefit to leaving this tyrannical state for another.

Respectfully submitted,


Thanks guys,

03-19-2014, 10:26 AM
Your intent is good, but there are two problems:

(1) You, as an out-of-state person, have very little influence on the legislators in RI. In CA, most of the legislators dismissed even CA people outside of their district.

(2) To make them flinch, there has to be a carrot-and-stick approach, not merely being nice and appealing to their better nature - they are doing this to fulfil an agenda, not to be nice. For example, pointing to how the overreach in CA is causing all sorts of lawsuits that are currently dismantling the CA gun control laws is a good point to make. Another one is pointing out to what happened in CO to some who voted for gun control (applies less to RI, but still a valid point.) Either way, there has to be a warning that they might shoot themselves in the foot (proverbially).