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03-17-2014, 8:31 AM
Business for Sale, Very light easy manufacturing. This Moving Target is for; Archery, Air Guns, Air Soft, Slingshot. see photo's and YouTube.

I have done all of the work. I have developed and manufactured the Moving Target, also having a list of all suppliers which is extremely difficult to develop-find. Sold the product with zero complaints to 23 happy customers, 3 of which were local archery stores that had the moving targets running constantly, also orders for another 25+, all from one trade show I lost my health and could not pursue this business any further. You just need to order inventory and do advertising. This is a great opportunity for someone.

I am selling the business for $5,950.00. Can ship UPS, 5 box's that weigh about 40 pounds each This includes all the tooling/fixtures to make parts, one complete moving target new in the box, all the names of contacts for my wholesale suppliers, all parts listed and where to buy them wholesale, 1 steel rule die for punching out cardboard bunny targets.

It is extremely easy to manufacture. You need one drill press and one horizontal band saw or pipe cuter and a vertical band saw. There is one part that is made of aluminum that is TIG welded, you can send that part out for welding or do it your self. You just drill a few holes with a drill press and cut round steel tubing with a band saw. The area about the size of a one car garage is the space needed. They cost me about $138.00 to manufacture, including parts, labor and packaging, labor is about 45 minuets for each one. Sell for the Moving Target for $700.00 each.

You Tube, see a vary rough short video of the Moving Target at (copy and paste link) http://youtu.be/ijQ1tBSaxKw

You are welcome to call me with any questions you have. Leave a message I will call you back.

Contact: Rock at: 916 751-1970, Leave message I will return your call. Sacramento, CA.

Portable, It will fit inside the back of any sport utility vehicle, reassembled in 10 minutes. All steel construction.

The Moving target is shipped in a box measuring 12" x 12" x 24", weight 57 LBS. ship's UPS, Fedex

Shooting at a moving target is extremely Fun, everyone is laughing and having a good time, also you are increases your shooting skills tremendously.

Enhance shooting ranges, club shoots, Boy Scouts, family shoots, shooting competitions, new archers, hunters practicing their timing, personal shooting in backyards and garages, indoors or outdoors. For outdoors you can use a portable generator. The moving targets motor uses same power as a 100 watt light bulb.

The moving target will adjust to 3 different heights 18", 30" and 42". The distance between the end posts are 4', 6', 8' or 10 feet,. There are 4 target moving speeds to select from. The target line (the rope that the targets hang from) will hold cardboard target bunny rabbits and balloons, whatever else that is light. Targets travel both right to left and left to right continuously.

The MOVING TARGET helps you develop your timing, follow-through, muscle memory and eye- hand coordination. You become very confident in your shooting ability. No longer will you have to wait for the game to stop walking to take your shot. This means more "shot opportunities".

A "barrier" is placed at each end, in front of the moving target end posts. Use at least a " . plywood or hay bales or other comparable materials as a barrier. This is done to protect the motor and pulley systems. Because of the barrier your target is temporarily hidden fore a moment as it goes around the pulley behind the hay bails, so it is actually a surprise when the target reappears. So now you can practice a quick and smooth response when the target reappears suddenly. Also now there's pressure to the shot, you have a limited amount of time to make the shot, before the target disappears behind the barrier again. These are the elements of hunting that we never get to practice "the pressure of the shot" and "fast smooth actions". You will be surprised at the increase in your skill and the fun you will be having.