View Full Version : SU-16CA and AMT Backup

03-10-2008, 7:38 AM
Iv got an SU-16, no mods, 800 rounds down the tube, 1 factory 10 round, 1 Colt 10 or 9 round magazines. Also, AMT Backup in .380. Includes one magazine and one holster. Holster is left handed but fit me perfectly when I had it holstered in the small of my back, then it would be reversed for a perfect grab. Its the Backup with no safeties. Anyways, Im sort of just testing the waters. I would love to trade for an ar15, prefer 18 inch barrel, regular stock, but whatever works. I figured the SU and Backup are worth around 700-800 dollars together, but I dont know, tell me if am way out of the ballpark,