View Full Version : SEECAMP 32 Auto LWS-32 CA pair - 2 sequential S/N

03-07-2008, 1:55 PM
Up for sale:
Pair of LW Seecamp 32 Auto
STOCK PHOTOS - boxes are sealed so here are some web photos....
You are bidding on 2 pistols - sequential serial numbered that has never been opened after the factory made them!
These pistols were intended to shoot only the 32 ACP Winchester Silvertip ammunition for close up and personal self defense.
These are California approved for sale in CA as well as legal in other states. Shipping is FREE to your FFL 01/02 dealer. TERMS: All BATFE rules apply. Do not bid on this if your state/locale/county or city prohibits this pistol. California winner will need their dealer to send their CFD summary page along with signed FFL. FFL acceptable by email, FAX or snail mail. Full refund if seal is not broken.
SHIP: USPS Priority PAYMENT: Check, Postal Money Order, Credit cards add 3%. Cards must either be scanned or FAXed in electronically.

$1675 for the pair.