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03-06-2008, 2:52 PM
I have four Valtro PM5 Magazine Fed Shotgun magazines. These are 7 rounds in capacity. The PM5 is an Italian-made, finely crafted shotgun that was imported by Jardine of Jardine's custom guns. While it was and still is the best magazine fed pump action shotgun, its sales were eclipsed by that of the Saiga12.

The PM5 can still be found occasionally on Gunbroker and AuctionArms. I recently bought mine for $500. It is worth noting that I also have a 590A1 with Knoxx Sidewinder and I would consider the Valtro to be superior in very way due to the placement of the magazine and its overall construction. The PM5 is 100% CA compliant. In a home defense situation, I would most likely pick up my Valtro before any of my other shotguns - and I own two Benelli M1S90s, two A5s, and two pump action stevens. It is far easier to reload a mag-fed shotgun than a tube-fed shotgun.

The problem with the PM5 is that magazine for it are almost impossible to come by. While finding a PM5 for sale is not that hard, you will likely get only one magazine for it, and never find another. It took me three years to find my set of seven.

I am keeping three of these and selling the other four. All are NIB. I am selling them for $120 each, which is quite reasonable given the difficulty of finding these very well made magazines. Price includes shipping anywhere in the US.

If you are interested, please post here and PM me. These magazines are also being offered elsewhere, so the usual reservation disclaimer applies.



03-24-2008, 1:11 PM
2 Magazines SPF to offroad
2 remaining.