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03-01-2014, 5:34 PM
My question is can the safety block in my Colt Sporter be removed legally? I would like to upgrade the trigger group but the block is in the way, can I have it removed without getting into trouble for doing so? Its a RAW

03-01-2014, 5:42 PM
Yes, the sear block is a Colt company choice and has nothing to do with any Federal or State laws.

Removal can be done legally and technically.

I've done it on my Colt Sporter Lightweight to install a Geissele NM Service Rifle trigger.

From what I researched online several years ago is that there are different versions of the sear block, but in most cases, you can do it yourself with a Dremel and a few cutting wheels.

Check out this link for the basic instructions I used:


03-01-2014, 6:48 PM
Thank you sir , I really appreciate the info

03-01-2014, 8:54 PM
I have milled out a few of those blocks.
The ones with two pins are extra troublesome.