View Full Version : WTS: Stag Upper Model 4H 5.56 New - Sold

03-03-2008, 8:52 PM
Model 4H
http://store.stagarms.com/catalog/images/stag_arms_model4h.gif?osCsid=678e51b03cb96f07def1d 72710d51258
Caliber....5.56 Nato Chamber
Upper......Forged and Mil Spec.
Sights.....Carry Handle/Front Post
Barrel.....20" 1/9 Twist
Break......A2 Flash Hider

I am selling a Stag Model 4H (Right Hand) full upper.

Was purchased from Stag directly about 60 days ago. Ended up not going with the 20", so no need to keep it.

Paid $560 + $25 shipping.

Will sell for $500 shipped via UPS Ground via Paypal Payment. (No mention of the item being a gun, so we don't get in trouble with Paypal.)

If you would like the upper, please PM me with your paypal address, I will send an invoice to you. Shipping of item will be next business day after payment is received. Tracking number will be sent as well.

Item is new, never been used, 0 rounds through it.

Offers welcome via PM as well.

Stag Website Link (http://store.stagarms.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22_25&products_id=46&osCsid=100d13cdcdaf6168c573d264b4dda980)

Actual pictures to be posted tomorrow.