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02-21-2014, 9:07 AM
**Due to Scammers using my Pics. Contact me only through PM here or e-mail on pics. Listed only on Calguns, Snipers Hide & Norcal Precision Shooters.

7 mm WSM
Grass Valley, Kalifornistan, Northeast of Sacramento :
SOLD SOLD $ 3850 + Actual Shipping cost to your FFL
ONLY Possible trade: Springfield Armory 1911 'PROFESSIONAL, non-rail. + cash
Optics not included. Possible trade listed below.
Will ship (YEP) on your dime
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Fullleftwe-mail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Fullleftwe-mail.jpg.html)
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Surgeonmulticambackgroundemail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Surgeonmulticambackgroundemail.jpg.html)
WTS: Surgeon Scalpel Rifle, 7mm WSM Built by Surgeon Rifles, Inc. 6/2010
ACTION: Surgeon 591 Magnum Face Bolt, Short Action Repeater, Stainless, KMW Tac. Bolt knob,
Surgeon Short-Action bottom metal, Serial # B013xx
TRIGGER: Jewell Trigger, Tuned @ 2.5 pounds (Breaks like glass) Adjustable
MAGAZINE: Accuracy International, 5 round, Surgeon bottom metal
BARREL: Krieger Cut-Rifled Stainless, 26” MTU profile(Heavy) Chambered 7mm WSM
(Chamber Specs available & will be included with rifle)
1:9 twist rate, Threaded for compensator 5/8 x 24 tpi with Cap (Cap never removed)
STOCK: McMillan A5, Coated in Multicam pattern, Adjustable Comb, Length of Pull adjusted with spacers.
FINISH: All metal Cerakoted by Surgeon in Flat Dark Earth
WEIGHT: Approx. 12 lbs without optics
Current retail on build with similar components, Magnum action, stock, from Surgeon is approx. $5100 with a looooong wait.
PRICE: SOLD SOLD SOLD $3850 FIRM That’s 20% off what I paid, & 25% off retail. NO tax! Optics, rings, US Optics Anti-Cant (i) NOT included(/i). + ACTUAL Shipping cost to your FFL (I will get you shipping cost based on your FFL’s ZIP.) Shipped in plastic hard case & Insured to your FFL, signature required. Lower 48 states only.
Lowballers will be ignored. NOT a fire-Sale. This is my best price & I will not lower the price. I would rather put it back in the safe for a future trade.
PAYMENT / SHIPPING: Prefer FTF, Cash is king. Any other form of payment will require clearing my bank before shipping, + % fees incurred by me for your form of payment.
I will drive reasonable distance in the Sacramento, CA area to meet at FFL to make the sale. Your inspection is encouraged, but you will not be disappointed if it has to be shipped, bought sight unseen. Buyer pays for all shipping/transfer/dealer fees. Shipped in plastic hard case & Insured to your FFL, signature required. Lower 48 states only.
I am WARDOG at CalGuns since 3/2008, Snipers Hide since 5/2009, WARDOG7366 at AR-15.com since 2/2003 ALL TRANSACTIONS 100% feedback. I am also yankeemetallic @ e-bay since 12/2004 with 303 transactions 100% feedback. I am an honest, integral seller, retired LEO. If you are ineligible to own a firearm you need to know that before you get this shipped to you. Sale is non-refundable if you are prohibited from possessing (Yes, I had to put this disclaimer in there). I will not sell outside of FFL transfer so please don’t ask.
ONLY Possible trade: Springfield Armory 1911 'PROFESSIONAL, non-rail. + cash For sale on multiple boards at once. Time stamp of interest determines buyer.
DETAILS: See Surgeon Build-Sheet. Built for precision shooting and taking down Blacktail, Elk, & Blackbear at extended ethical distance. If you know long-range shooting, then you know Surgeon Rifles are top-shelf. This is a turn-key , ready to shoot precision rifle. Exactly 75 rounds (carefully logged) fired (logbook included). 50 of those 75 rounds were low pressure fireforming Norma .300 WSM brass, necking down to 7mm. The last 25 were for load development. Load development was not completed.
Last 5-round group (Dec. 2011) measured .163” (yes, 4.15 millimeters!) @ 100 yards from bagged rest, Handloaded - Norma brass, Berger 180 grain VLD’s, Reloader RL-25 powder, Fed 215 M primers, (Elev. 2450 ft. / 58° f) Velocity was a little low at 2810 fps. Your results may vary depending on using factory Remington brass, or reloading expertise, and every other variable in reloading. Test fired x3 crappy Remington factory ammo .330” @100 yds. Test target will be included with rifle (See pic). THIS RIFLE IS A HAMMER that can realize your reloading expertise and shooting ability! If you don't reload, even quality factory ammo is less than 1/2 MOA.
I will not give my reloading data on powder since development was never completed. However I will enclose 5 fireformed, and trimmed brass from this chamber, and the case trim specs (using Redding Bushing dies) so the next shooter has a place to start.
If FTF deal, I will also include 50 case prepped & primed with Fed 215 Match (necked down Norma .300 WSM brass), and 50 Berger 180 grn VLD’s.
IF shipped, I will have to de-prime cases since shipping primers costs more than they are worth. I have other weapons of this caliber so NO dies available.
CONDITION: Used. Some dings from safe, range handling, case ejection. It even had a few scuffs from the factory (or FFL/gunshop fondling) on buttstock. Cerakote on bolt is barely worn on the locking lugs. Throat & barrel are obviously as new with just 75 rounds. Rifle is registered through Cal DOJ to me.
**Due to Scammers using my Pics. Contact me only through PM here or e-mail on pics. Listed only on Calguns, Snipers Hide & Norcal Precision Shooters.
Questions, additional pics, are welcome after you see ‘Details’ and pics. If you post “I’ll take it” please be prepared to follow through. I will arrange a telephone conversation to answer any details, get FFL info, meeting place etc.

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Rightsidecloseboltopenwithe-mailcopy.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Rightsidecloseboltopenwithe-mailcopy.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/DSCN0865withe-mail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/DSCN0865withe-mail.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/DSCN0866withe-mailcopy.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/DSCN0866withe-mailcopy.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/DSCN0870.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/DSCN0870.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/BottomMetal.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/BottomMetal.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/DSCN0892.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/DSCN0892.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Boltentryselector.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Boltentryselector.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/DSCN0875.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/DSCN0875.jpg.html)

02-22-2014, 12:41 PM
Due to scammers using my pics. Only contact me with the e-mail listed on pics or PM through this site.

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Muzzlecroppede-mail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Muzzlecroppede-mail.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/BoltBottomviewe-mail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/BoltBottomviewe-mail.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Boltbottomreare-mail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Boltbottomreare-mail.jpg.html)

02-24-2014, 9:52 AM
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/Scalpelresults122011.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/Scalpelresults122011.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/SurgeonBoltsideAAA.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/SurgeonBoltsideAAA.jpg.html)

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/SurgeonBuildSheetEDITEDlastcopyemail.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/SurgeonBuildSheetEDITEDlastcopyemail.jpg.html)

02-26-2014, 8:43 AM
Not the actual rifle but well worth a Wednesday morning hump ,....I mean BUMP!
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/SurgeonScalpelBrunette.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/SurgeonScalpelBrunette.jpg.html)

02-28-2014, 7:52 AM
Salute to the troops!

03-01-2014, 4:56 AM
Bump just because it's a nice stick!

03-02-2014, 9:11 AM
All PM's and E-mails responded to.
Thanks for the trade offers and the interest, but I am pretty specific on trade guns, SA 'Pro only or cash.
I already have everything that's been offered for trade to date.
Lots of inquiries on the price dropping, or my 'best price'. The price is more than fair, so it will not be dropping.
I'll give it another week and I might pull it. Will replace this ad for a RARE Armalite factory AR-10(TU), .300 RSAUM, with the lower bits transferred into a Aero lower so it can stay in Kalifornia.

03-02-2014, 1:30 PM
Not the actual rifle but well worth a Wednesday morning hump ,....I mean BUMP!
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e254/YankeeMetallic/SurgeonScalpelBrunette.jpg (http://s41.photobucket.com/user/YankeeMetallic/media/SurgeonScalpelBrunette.jpg.html)

That's my rifle that this beauty is actually caressing!

It's a GAP 308 that is dipped in Multi-Cam! Simply another awesome GA Precision rifle!