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02-25-2008, 7:55 PM
EOTECH 4X Magnifier (FTS) Flip to Side
SALE PRICE $675.00

I just bought the 4X and a 552... I wish I new Lasic would screw up holographic vision... So now I see halo's and cant use it.

SO here you go... Virtually Brand New! Mounted Once...

The 4X magnifier mounts behind the HWS and expands its capability by offering target identification and sniper-type accuracy out to 600m. This high quality optic offers crystal clear viewing through extremely high light transmission, and maintains an expansive field of view by keeping the rectangular sight picture of the HWS. Now, the best sight in the world has just become better.

4x magnifier with flip to side base and quick detach. Works with all existing HWS units.

Suggested Retail: $859.00
Magnification Fixed: 3.75X
Eye Relief: 1.65" (42mm)
Length: 4.6" (117mm)
Weight: 12oz (340 grams)
Temperature: -40 to 160 F
Waterproof: 33 ft.
Sealing: Fog-proof internal optics
Color/Finish: Non reflective black with hard coat finish
Mount: Integrated dovetail for use with quick detach mount
Retrofits to all HWS models
Length: 1.6" (40.6mm)
Height: 1.64" (41.65mm) Clears common low profile flip up rear iron sights
Weight: 4.0 oz (113 grams)
Color/Finish: Non reflective black with hard coat finish
Flip Orientation: Flip, ambidextrous mount
Rail Interface: Fixed Picatinny with single mounting bolt.
Magnifier Interface: Retained by ARMSŪ throw
Optical Axis Adjustment: Horizontal and vertical adjustments within mount
Works with either 3x or 4x HWS magnifier
No Shipping outside the U.S.

Pm with Questions

02-25-2008, 8:54 PM
That suxs lasic messes you up. i want to get lasic but i shoot with an eotech and don't want to give it up.

is there a certain type of lasic or a way to avoid seeing halos. From what i heard they make one eye see close and the other far is that the prob.???

02-25-2008, 9:21 PM
Yes, you have to get Visix Lasik, which uses a different method for achieving the change in correction.

02-27-2008, 7:21 PM
Eotech Sold!

Thank you,