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01-28-2014, 10:17 PM
This is my first one so dont be too critical i can all ready see a few things i would do better next time. Steel from an old scrap i beam and wood from a broken shovel handlehttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/01/29/a8uqypun.jpg

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01-29-2014, 8:35 AM
OK...needs a sharper edge. The way it is now its just a piece of metal on a wood handle. I'd place a couple of bolts/rivets thru the handle and into your blade to hold it in place when striking. Other than that I like its originality.

01-29-2014, 8:22 PM
I made a couple throwing axes similar to this...

Similar to a Viking hand axe, I'll get pics of mine asap

01-30-2014, 4:54 PM
My first attempts...

Crude, but I bet they'd get the job done ;)

*hammer for scale

01-30-2014, 4:56 PM
Bear Gryllis has a job for you

01-31-2014, 10:01 AM
I didnt use any rivets or bolts because i thought it would look cheap. I was kinda going for a very basic old school thing. However i did drill out a hole and run the paracord through it. Its pretty stable when rapped with the paracord. I should have taken a pic after it was fine tuned. The blade is really sharp now

01-31-2014, 6:17 PM
Awesome points for being basic and originality

02-03-2014, 7:33 AM

02-04-2014, 8:46 AM
Very nice. Track of the Wolf seems to have tomahawk kits the heads handles on sale most of the time. Have thought of giving one a try.
Got this in a email today.


02-04-2014, 9:49 PM
i bought kit from knifekit.com and stained the handle, put an edge on the blade, and wrapped it with paracord. pretty handy little tool for $35.00