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01-24-2014, 10:59 PM
In California, what laws apply to swords? If using a sword in self defense, is it better or worse from a legal standpoint? A coworker of mine stated that using a sword to "subdue" an intruder who was threatening serious bodily injury will surely land you in jail. Any truth to this? He said, definitely better to use a gun, from a legal perspective.

01-24-2014, 11:23 PM
Nothing special about swords in PC.

01-24-2014, 11:23 PM
just be sensible about whatever tool you use for self defense. don't be the aggressor and don't give chase if the intruder flees. if dude breaking into your home is unarmed and you come at him with a sword when hes just standing there then you'll definitely be questioned. if hes got a bat and you've got a sword and he advances, you'd probably be clear.

swords are legal and if you truly feared for your life then do what needs to be done.

01-27-2014, 10:14 PM
Sword you say?! I pretty sure when in fear for your life you can use whatever is within arms reach. In my case I would use this(see attachment!!!)

Full tang wakizashi, lil brother to the katana. Was designed and used as the samurai's side arm. Made for close combat indoors. Very sharp and very light.

Fruit ninja-say what!!!j/k
Fyi carbine is for size comparison. Not my hd...