View Full Version : What can U tell me about this Knife

01-14-2014, 7:10 PM
Got this Knife with a old Colt DA 41 Revolver [For sale in the Handgun section] and know nothing about knives, All I know about it is it's at least 55 years old.
Dose it have any value.

Thanks for your replies, Steve

01-14-2014, 7:14 PM
Do you know if it is full tang?
Hard to tell from photos if hand made or not.

Any kind of makers mark or date?

Mike A
01-14-2014, 7:29 PM
"D" guard Bowie knife, very likely made in Solingen, Germany, but only the markings would tell you for sure. Many were also imported from Sheffield, England. Neat looking thing, but little practical use.

Knives of this type were common on the frontier and carried by many Civil War soldiers until they figured out that water and food made more "military sense." And cards. And booze if you could get it, coffee if you couldn't. (Booze IN coffee was popular too).

(My mother told me that her great uncle, a veteran of the Iron Brigade, told her that "slapjack (a card game) and cold coffee preserved the Union").