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02-20-2008, 8:48 PM
I wound up with a bunch of colt M4 buttstocks (just the butstock not the aluminum receiver extension/tube/buffer etc)

They're all used (courtasy of uncle sam) and I only need a few of them so I guess I'll sell the rest of them.

$15 each + $5 shipping (same for one as it is for 10)

I have 18 of these available.

I'll try to get some pics posted tomorrow, (not that you guys haven't seen a butstock before)

02-20-2008, 9:11 PM
Being Colt, I assume that they are for a mil-spec tube and not a commercial tube? Are they this style?


Or this style?


02-20-2008, 9:27 PM
Correct, they are for a milspec tube and they look the same as the bottom picture. (although a bit more scuffed up)

The top image is a different manufacturer.

02-20-2008, 9:33 PM
How much more scuffed up?

02-20-2008, 9:39 PM
It may be far reaching but do you happen to know who the mfg is ?

IE if they are Colt I may be interested in a few.

Pics will tell the tale.


02-21-2008, 6:03 AM
The guy I bought them from said they were colt, I'm not exactly surehow to verify that however.

I'll take some pics later today.

02-21-2008, 4:17 PM
And some pics, The lighting is crummy but you should get some idea of the condition from these. They aren't what I'd call pretty, but they're perfect for tose of you who like to drag your rifles into the field


02-23-2008, 4:31 PM
AJAX, actually what you have is CAR style stocks...the "other" style is the correct stock for an M4 spec carbine.

IMHO the ones you have are more desireable..... The REAL OG ones were 2 position, entirely aluminum and had a vinyl coating on them. Gen II used the same pattern but added a 3rd hole (middle) and were made of fiberlite style material....

So technically you have Gen II CAR stocks... :D

The M4 stock was lengthened top to bottom to allow easier shouldering, for an easier time getting a "nose wield" on the charge handle....

I'd love to take a stock like you're selling and shorten the front of it EVEN with the latch portion, then have someone like Randall shorten the buffer and tube accordingly.... PAWS did something similar with a super shorty M16 proto in the 80s...

Basically it gets the "closed" position to be as short as possible while still allowing a good LOP in the open position.... Just something I want to do.... you'd need to shorten the buffer and tube by about 1.5"

Anyway, nice looking stocks... wanna trade one for a true M4 style stock.. or a pair for an M4 and an Alum CAR stock?? lol




02-23-2008, 4:36 PM
are these plastic or aluminum?

02-23-2008, 4:49 PM
Cool Jp, thanks for the info.

Yeah I'll swap you a pair, I like having a variety of parts around ;) never know what kind of rifle I'll want to throw togeather next.

I thought they looked a little funny for plastic.... fiberlite... odd stuff...

you learn something new every day

02-23-2008, 10:37 PM
What you have are gen 3 collapsing buttstocks. Gen I were for the 607, Gen 2 were Aluminum, Gen 3 were the first model plastic stock made by Colt - thats what you have.

If these have an "N" under the latch - they are Colt. If these came from Peterson Welding - these are Colt.

Gen 3 stocks are perfectly ok for M4 carbines, many still have them. All the pre-2002 M4 carbines had them.

Hope this info helps.

03-01-2008, 2:31 PM
Still have a mess of these kicking around,

I looked at them, all have an N under the latch... so I guess that means that they are actually Colt buttstocks (yay)