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01-07-2014, 1:56 PM
I wanted to post my response to the other thread as its own to ensure better visability.

We are here for the long haul and are working on new products to support the CA gun enthusiast and save you some money in the process. Please note the $5 off coupon offer if we fail to respond to an order-related PM within one business day.





I have not read the entire thread but will do so tonight. Our phone number is 317-300-4018. We do not currently monitor the phone in real-time but are responding to voicemails.

Let me give you guys some background on the behind-the-scenes of Hartatac.com. On our "About Us" page, you can see a picture of myself (Brian), my brother Jon, and my dad Mike. Mike is retired, and myself and Jon have full-time jobs. We intended Hartatac.com to be a side business that whets our appetites for entrepreneurism. We started in November 2012 with that goal, and quickly saw that it was going to be difficult to run it as a part-time gig given our pricing and quick growth. We noticed a lot of orders coming in from Calguns.net and investigated the site as a potential advertising option. We hit the ground running by selling repair kits without a service fee for dis-assembly and this made our time commitment even larger. To address this, we hired a full-time shipping employee and moved from Mike's garage a tiny warehouse unit.

Operation California Mag Lift started before we realized it and we were not prepared. The day the law was approved our sales tripled. We then experienced the curse of success in trying to fulfill the orders. We were concentrating on shipping and order fulfillment and our customer service was falling behind. To address this, we hired a second full-time employee, Tyler and leased formal office space. We moved twice in three weeks while continuing to process orders. Tyler came to us with a degree in management and has been a huge asset in organizing our customer service operations and fixing issues as they arise. Unfortunately he is limited by the technology that we have in place. Our CRM (Customer Relations Management, or the "ticket" system) has been a huge pain in the neck. It frequently does not enter the ticket in the system, and our responses to you are often filtered into SPAM folders. We have dropped it and switched to an email contact form. Clear your browser cache and the link should be different now.

During the mad dash to get mags to CA before the shipping cutoff, I was continuing to work my full-time job during our busy season and putting in 18-hour days for three weeks trying to help get everything done. We brought in two short-term contractors to help get orders out the door and this combined with an overall sense of urgency led to some orders going out the door that were incorrect. We have always made good on the shipping mistakes, but with the new law that has become impossible (to my knowledge). If we can simply ship a magazine body, we'll do that. It's not a parts kit afterall. I'd appreciate some local knowledge regarding the legality of shipping magazine bodies.

For those who have items that they did not intend to possess, we can work something out. OP, drop me an email to brian@hartatac.com or send me a PM here. There are still a few packages floating in the great abyss of shipping warehouses that have not been delivered yet. We are working with those people to either file a claim or wait to see if they arrive.

Trust me, we are not getting rich off of this business. To be perfectly transparent, I have paid myself approximately $0.33/hr for my efforts for Hartatac.com. Our customers save much more than we make off orders, especially when you add the discounted prices to the free shipping over $250.

I admit I got burned out by the long hours over these last few weeks. Being tired along with seeing how I was neglecting my children and spouse led me to clam up a bit and not spend time on this forum while I attempted to make amends on the home front over Christmas and New Years. I have reduced my hours at my day job by 15% to accommodate my Hartatac.com responsibilities. These stories are not excuses, just relating that Hartatac.com is a company run by humans, and humans have short-comings.

I promise you our intent is to have every customer thrilled by their interaction with us. Mistakes can be turned to positives and that is what we intend to do.

Changes we pledge to make to address noted issues:
Dedicated phone line with a friendly voice available during business hours
Dropping the CRM system that has been failing us and switching to email only
Responding to order-related PMs in one business day or you get a $5 off coupon for your next order

Thanks again for all the support thus far. We will take our licks and learn from them rather than delete them from a forum we moderate. Let me know other ways we can improve in our attempt to serve you.

-Brian Hartman
Co-Owner, Hartatac.com LLC