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02-19-2008, 7:10 PM
lots of good info.

This rifle is a very desirable early import by Golden State Arms Distribution (G.S.A.D.). These rifles came in prior to the flood of Polytech AKs by Kengs and the Norinco AKs. The rifle is pristine, in like new condition. It has been properly stored in my safe for many years. It is all original and has all matching serial numbers. This is a golden opportunity to add this rare example of an early Chinese AK to your collection.

“Golden State Arms Distribution located in California. They had many locations including Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, and Santa Fe, CA. These guns are the most mysterious as they arrived in America about the same time as the Clayco guns, except they had less manufacturing markings. They simply state 7.62x39mm “Made in China” GSAD, in a usually faint roll stamping, that’s it…no factory codes and no exporter markings. Many argue these got here before the Claycos, thus the reason for the additional markings on the Claycos. The majority of these rifles were bought up by companies in Hollywood to be used in the production of movies and have come to be referred to as “movie guns.” In the late 1980s, production of movies showcasing the Vietnam War had tapered off and the movie guns were sold by the hundreds by the movie houses to distributors nationwide. GSAD however, had been in the firearms importation business for many years prior. Their claim to fame was being an importer of Enfield type rifles. They also imported weapons under the name Globco as early as 1957. GSAD is also to have been rumored as the source of firearms for the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well a clandestine asset of the Central Intelligence Agency.”


02-19-2008, 8:07 PM
Very cool!

Other than being a rarity or unique, would you say they are made very well? I ask merely because of the China-made factor which can be a wide hit or miss.

I have a Chinese made SKS which is beautiful - one of the nicest SKSes I have ever seen (even better than a few Russian made examples) and it is excellent in fit, finish, and qaulity - however, I have seen other Chinese made SKS guns that look like someone made them on an anvil with a hammer, in the back of a truck, while riding down a bumpy road. At $1400 for the one that sold, I have to think it would be moderately well-made; would you say these are comparable to some of the better AKs like the Bulgarian, Hungarian, German made guns?

Also, from the photos - it looks blued, not parkerized/phosphate coated - is that correct? It's blued?


02-19-2008, 9:53 PM
Factory 66 makes some nice stuff comparable to arsenal 10,ddr,and feg. The early ddr is more comparable being blued with smooth tooling on the barrel and parts. All the ones I've seen have been very smooth in finish and tooling finish. They're all blued.