View Full Version : Looking for a good, inexpensive rest

02-18-2008, 5:47 PM
I am looking to purchase a rest in order to sight in my rifles. I usually have my brother sight them in for me, but I figure it is time to become a big boy and do it myself.

What features should I look for? Any suggestions? Just looking for something pretty basic and fairly inexpensive.

Thanks for the help in advance.

02-18-2008, 6:08 PM
If you want to go cheap, just use a sandbag. A basic Hoppes rest works OK as well. If you want a "good" rest, then be prepared to spend some money.

02-18-2008, 6:15 PM
I got the Caldwell Steady Rest. (on sale for $19.99 at Midway http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=454745&t=11082005)

It's lightweight and easy to use, but can walk around if firing heavy calibers. It's worked out fine for what I need it for. I've used it for sighting in all of my rifles. The only thing to watch out for is it doesn't really 'cradle' the stock, so rifles may fall off of it if unattended. Usually I just take the rifle off if I'm not using the rest, or use a bungy cord to hold the rifle on.