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01-03-2014, 4:29 PM
Ordered rebuild kit
2x Sig P229 12rd

Rec'd wrong items
Wrong brand, wrong capacity.
I got the (cheaper) Mec gar 14 rds with 2+ floorplate

Emailed, called, PMd and posted in the itrader thread

Finally got a response after calling twice and leaving messages on 12/30

My original service ticket on 12/27

hi, i received mec gar rebuilds and not sig rebuilds

how can we get me the correct rebuilds before 1/1/14?

Their response on 12/30

Hi Armand,

Sorry for the mix up.

If you have a non-CA shipping address we can make the swap.

If not, you can keep the mec gar rebuilds and we will do a price adjustment to your credit card. Should you choose this option, please send me the item number listed on the product we sent you. This way I can figure out exactly what you have and how much we owe you.

Your other option would be to just return the mec gar rebuilds for a refund.

Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

Tyler Burns

Ok, so im obviously a little short right now because i got a cheaper product and have 2 days left to get my rebuilds.
I dont feel like testing waters rebuilding my pre-ban 12 rd mags with extended (and hideous ) floorplates, increasing capacity to 14

my immediate response (from phone... excuse punctuation and spelling)

this is such a bad deal and poor customer service. i ordered on 12/15 which was plenty of time to get me the proper parts.* now I'm left with no option to get the parts that i actually need. You should be able to overnight the right parts kits to me of you actually cared about service.

They did not respond
So i follow up yet again 1/02

No response?

Your customer service is POOR. It's one thing to mess up my order (and a few others on CalGuns) but to do so at such a crucial time and not even care is horrible.

I would like to return the items for a full refund including shipping. Please send me a shipping label and any RMA that you might require.

Am i out of line here? or did they just leave me high and dry and give a f***?

according to their itrader thread, they messed up quite a few orders....

Hartatac? anyone home? anyone care?

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01-06-2014, 9:01 AM
Going through same thing... and I agree

Dec 13th I made an order. It included 6 windowed pmags. 3+ weeks later, I got my order. I did not get windowed pmags. I got basic pmags. I didn't want basic, I wanted windowed. Period.

So, now, trying to contact them is brutal. You can use their form, takes days to hear back. You respond quick, maybe days to hear back. No contact phone # on the site. I dug one up here - 317-300-4018 - but alas... voicemail. Will I hear back? Who knows. Or will I continue to do the email, delay, email, delay draging out this order for another 3+ weeks.

When I did get an email, I got the offer to:

1. keep what I got and just accept it and get price adjusted
2. send back for full refund
3. send what I want to a non CA address


I did NOT get the option to send back ONLY the 6 bodies and replace for 6 proper windowed bodies - I keep the other parts - on their dime given it is their issue. Easy fix. That is what I want. That is what I ordered. Now I am having to do all of the work to rectify this and no real end is in sight at this sloooooooow rate of customer service. It has been painful and I just want the 6 proper bodies I ordered.

Seems like proper iTrader feedback is one way to deal with this. That is what itrader is for. I will give them a few more days to rectify.

ps - they have not been back to this site since 12.28.13. hmmmmm

01-06-2014, 9:16 AM
i contacted 2 other members that had the exact same problem you did, they were happy with the refund in difference. i wouldnt be....

my main gripe is i dont want to (dont know if its legal, either) rebuild my preban 12 round mags with (IMO ugly) 14 round mags.

so far i have not heard back from them. I'm out my money and my mags at this point.

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01-06-2014, 9:23 AM
So I am curious, is it now illegal for them to just swap bodies with me. Just bodies. Nothing else. We are not swapping parts kits, just bodies. So mine seems a very easy fix. I send them back their bodies on their dime, they send me proper bodies on their dime. Done. Could be rectified in days, not weeks.

01-06-2014, 7:20 PM
Not sure what the heck they're doing over there but I too had issues. I wrote a review in this subsection.

01-07-2014, 1:49 PM
OP, I'm sending you a PM. We'll work something out hopefully to your satisfaction.

Scoutsniper, PM heading your way too.


Please read my explanation of what happened and what we're doing about it.