View Full Version : norinco type 56 CA legal?

02-17-2008, 1:42 PM
just as the topic ask...

is the norinco type 56 california legal?

thanks in advance :)

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02-17-2008, 2:03 PM
:( shucks...

02-17-2008, 8:20 PM
Different caliber than a 56, but it's a Norinco and legal if you Kalifornicate it. I saw one at the last Ventura show.


02-17-2008, 8:27 PM
no thanks :)
i was offered to buy a norinco type 56 from a friend who is moving to florida.

here are a few pics... the receiver appears to be a CA import from way back when?

and no, the firearm is not in CA it is in NV now.

i coulda scored this at a great deal also... a price the even the misses approved of. owell, if it was meant to be it was meant to be :(

EDIT: if i were to have my buddy break it down i could legally purchase everything else minus the receiver to rebuild legal variant correct? and if i do so, wouldnt the triangle norinco symbol 59S still be apparent on the rifle? or is it just the receiver that is illegal and if so i dont see any markings other than the importers marking?

02-17-2008, 8:57 PM
Just the receiver is the wicked nasty baby killing part. The rest of the parts are ok. You would have to demill the parts out, then get a correct 1.6mm receiver from these guys...


Then reassemble and neuter.

It would be a shame to destroy a collectible gun, but it would just make the rest all the more valuable.

02-17-2008, 9:06 PM
holy cow... which type would i buy?
im a total noob to ak building and CA legality :chris:
im happy with my sks... maybe i should just call it a quits :(

02-17-2008, 9:08 PM
It's not worth the effort or the $$$. Buy a romy kit and NDS3. Piece of cake.

Also save the Type 56 from destruction, there ain't any more coming in.

02-17-2008, 10:30 PM
.... is the norinco type 56 california legal? .....

No, NeoWeird is correct, the Norinco 56, 56S, 84S, and 86S were banned by Roberti-Roos. However before SB23 came into effect in 2000, some California dealers were bringing in and selling those variants marked 56S-1, 56S-2, 56S-3, and 86S-1, since they weren't marked exactly like the ban listing.