View Full Version : WTS: 7.62 X 39 BRASS CASED & .45 ACP AMMO

02-17-2008, 7:12 AM
i have the following ammo that i would like to sell for guns that i no longer own. i will do FTF in the east SF bay area to the central valley tracy area. i will ship for actual UPS shipping charges, see their website and use 94545 as the zip code to ship from. i can accept USPS money orders or use the service that shall remain nameless for orders that need to ship. please include 3% extra if using the aforementioned nameless service. all prices are for FTF and do not include shipping.

7.62x39 prvi partizan 123 grain FMJ brass cased, reloadable. each case contains 6 battlepacks of 240 rounds each for a total of 1440 rounds per case. i have 3 cases and i am asking $400 per case.

i have 2000 rounds (2 cases) of Aguila .45 acp 230 grain FMJ in 50 round boxes. i also have 175 hydra-shoks in 230 grain and 185 grain +p. i am asking $650 for the lot.

thank you for stopping by.