View Full Version : Collapsible Stock Permanancy

02-16-2008, 7:06 PM
I have the 1911 version of the Mech Tech unit pictured in this link:
http://www.mechtechsys.com/images/Telesc.%20Stock%20Glock%20full%20length%20720pix.j pg

On my 1911 unit I use a Para frame with the mag release filed flush below the frame so a small plunger (tool) has to be used to release the mag. The mag can not be released without use of a tool, I'm confident of that.

OAL with the wire stock fully collapsed is 26.25" - which of course just makes federal but doesn't do much for me in CA. Aside from the opportunity to bathe once a week, wear khakis and make friends in jail ......

To ensure the wire stock can not be collapsed far enough for an OAL under 30" I drilled a small hole & driven a pin through one of the wire legs. The pin can be pushed out with hammer & punch. Is that method of keeping OAL 30" OK? What if instead of a blind pin I used a small ring (much like keys are kept on) and spiraled it through the hole preventing it from collapsing? Since I shoot out of state I want to keep the option of readily converting to & from.