View Full Version : Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

02-16-2008, 12:39 PM
Hi everyone, I've lurked here for a long time and just recently registered a user account.

What took me so long to post, you may ask? The answer to that is I have not yet thought of a question that has not already been asked and thoroughly answered several times (yep, I'm a BIG fan of the "Search" function).

With my new purchases I thought I'd finally go ahead and post. That way if I do come up with a question that Search does not answer, it will not have to be my first post :).

The new steel:
Benelli M2 Shotgun (pick up 02/24/2008 @ Turner's)
Smith & Wesson MP15-T Rifle (Pick up 02/25/2008 @ Ade's, Chris at LanWorld was terrific, great to talk with and 500% helpful / knowledgeable).

The "old" steel:
HK P7M8 (NIB, never fired)
HK USP9c Stainless
HK P2000 .40S&W
HK P2000SK .40S&W
HK USC .45ACP (It's registered, but can I sell it??? I'm still really :confused: about that)
Walther PPK/s .380
Mossberg 500 12ga Shotgun
Remington 870 12ga Shotgun
Ruger 10/22 Stainless

Anyway, that's about it. See you around the forums.

Oh, and I'm a Lefty.