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12-22-2013, 3:22 PM
I'm a future bowhunter, currently practicing target archery with a recurve. I've been looking at compound bows and became interested in the Diamond Core and Infinite Edge models.

Both have IBO speeds around 312 fps. The Infinite Edge has a much wider draw weight adjustment range, but the Core costs more. Is there an advantage to the Core that justifies the price difference?

I'm also considering slightly higher end models, in the 335 fps IBO range. I'm comfortable with a 55 lb draw weight @28-29 inches and expect to get actual velocities of 250-275 fps with hunting arrows.

Any advice appreciated. TIA.

Jimmy Deuce
12-24-2013, 12:26 PM
I do not know much about the Diamond Core. However I do own a Diamond Infinite Edge. I am happy with it. I will say I have not hunted with it but have done plenty of range shooting with it. I think value wise the Infinite Edge is far superior. First off the adjust ability from 13-30 inch draw and 5-70 lbs weight means with adjustment almost anyone on the family can use it. This means if down the road you decide to get another bow this one can easily be set up for wife, girlfriend, kids, etc. The bow it self can be found For $349.99 The Core seems to be $100 more. Not sure why it comes with a stablizer and wrist sling but that does not justify the cost increase of $100. For me I also wanted a bow that had another color option other than some sort of camo break up(Infinite Edge also come in camo, black, or pink). I love a good product at a great price. If you decide to get the Infinite Edge get it from Gander Mountain. Use the coupon code gmt5 and get $5 off every $50 you spend. If you buy just the bow that will bring the price from $349.99 to $319.99. Also purchase over $50 is free shipping even better right?!! Since Gander is out of state no tax! Last since I am just ranting at this point if you see this post in time Gander is offering a free 6 pack of arrows end today! Links to bow below!


Do not forget coupon code gmt5 at checkout!

Hope this helped Merry X-mas!