02-14-2008, 12:46 PM

I Have For Sale:

I purchased this from CS Gunworks a year ago.

(1) One LNIB US Optics ST-10 Fixed 10x Power Scope, 37mm Slimline Objective. The ST-10 was mounted on my Crazy Horse for EXACTLY 400-rds (Two Portugese Battle Packs of 200-rds). Glass clarity is AWESOME and super bright. Non-variable magnification is not an issue whatsoever, I no problems engaging targets as close up as 50-yds and as far out as 900-yds with the fixed power magnification.

There are VERY FAINT rings marks and ONE TINY mark on the Scope Tube from being mounted on my LRB Crazy Horse in Badger Ordnance Standard Height Rings. I did not over torque the Rings, apparently the recoil from the 400ds of Port made the scope shift slightly while it was mounted since I didn't tighten the crap out of the Rings. It is purely cosmetic and is barely noticeable, it does not affect reliability or accuracy at all.

I've decided to sell this because I sold my JAE-100 and because you need to be a lotto winner in order to afford to shoot 7.62 x 51 now. Besides, this is too much scope for my needs now and would be overkill on my AR, not to mention too heavy. I also had a kid and my priorities have shifted to formula & diapers.

Features Are:

Base ST-10 10x 37mm Slimline Objective (CS Gunworks Special)= $ 895

EREK 1/2 MOA Elevation Knob Upgrade = $ 175
(Includes BDC Knob for 168-gr .308 Match)

30mm Tube, Non-Illuminated Reticle

M40 1/4 MOA Windage Knob

MOA Type 1 Reticle, Fine (Numbered 1 through 6) Mil-Hash marks instead of Mil-Dots. 60 MOA Down, Left, & Right. This Reticle is more user friendly than a Mil-Dot occluding your target at distance.

37mm Honeycomb Sunshade Anti-Reflective Device (ARD) = $ 90

Butler Creek Flip Up Caps for Objective & Eyepiece = $ 15

I spent $1,175 for the complete Package.

I'm asking $ 1,050 Shipped. I'll take PayPal (No Fee) or Money Orders, Cash for a FTF in Los Angeles, Ventura, & Orange Counties.

BTW, CS Gunworks does not have this in stock right now.

Pics to follow later this evening, I'm at work. Thanks.

I forgot to add this earlier, I have a custom BDC made by US Optics specifically made for 7.62 x 51 147-gr Portugese Surplus out of an 18-in Barreled M1A. This BDC will work for most of the Military Surplus ammo out there including South African, Winchester White Box, Lithuanian, M-80, etc... I will sell this together or separately for $35 bucks. I paid $65 bucks for it.