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02-11-2008, 7:29 AM
My gun dealer refuses to sell Saiga for reasons I can't completely fathom (it's distantly related to AK's and AK's are banned by name?) but other dealers sell them.

How much grief would I possibly face if I bought one? Isn't the fact that dealers sell them and Cali DROS'es them a "safe harbor" for me? Or could the state decide one day that these are absolutely forbidden as "listed" AW's and bundle me off to jail even though I have the DROS form, dealer's receipt etc.?

Just trying to understand and comply with the law while lusting after an inexpensive, reliable rifle chambered in .223 or 7.62.... I have a Keltec SU16CA but it sure would be nice to have a 7.62, and the Ruger is twice as much (and maybe not as reliable).

02-11-2008, 7:36 AM
Basically, you need to read the AW FAQ on the front page.

In short:
There are no series AW (series list were overturned in court)
AW are ID'ed by feature set, or by make and model

Saigas from EAA and RAA are not listed in the make and model list, nor do they have features that would make them AWs. They are legal by letter of the law.

I own one. I found a FFL that would transfer it and DROS for me. Works great.