View Full Version : My new (to me) baby...

Bad Voodoo
02-09-2008, 2:48 PM
H&K P7M8 w/ KH date code. This pistol gives me the warm and fuzzies! Pick her up on 2/22. :D


Bad Voodoo
02-09-2008, 6:31 PM
Unfortunately, the PSPs aren't on this great state's "approved" list. PPT is the only way to get one in CA, if you can find one. Trust me, I'd like to pick one up to abuse, myself.

02-27-2008, 10:35 PM
The P7 is an awesome pistol. I just got one myself at the end of January, and my first trip to the range, I shot my best 9mm grouping at 7 yards ever. Just a ragged hole 1.5" in diameter in the center of the target.

And actually I almost PPT'd a P7PSP this month, but I don't have the funds.

03-01-2008, 12:51 PM
Whats the difference between a p7 and a p7m8? I have seen german police p7 trade ins for $600, but the p7m8 seems to garner a much higher price tag. :confused: