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02-04-2008, 12:56 PM
I saw a link, maybe here, but now I can't find it again. It was a discussion, not of how to assemble a rifle, but of all the choices available, with pluses and minuses for each. It covered barrels, twist rates, feed ramps, charging handles, BUIS, the whole lot. I think it might have originated at MidwayUSA, but I can't find it on Midway's website. Any help?

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02-04-2008, 1:33 PM
Thanks! That was it. This time, I bookmarked it.

(Sound of hand slapping forehead)

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02-04-2008, 1:50 PM
(Sound of hand slapping forehead)

*slaps forehead at the fact that people actually describe slapping themselves on the forehead on the internet*:p