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02-01-2008, 2:17 PM
The Ruger 22 Charger pistol by its build meets the general specifications of an assault weapon in CA. As far as I can tell it is because Ruger registered the receiver as a pistol. As we all know, CA designates a semi-automatic pistol with a magazine attachment other than inside the grip to be an assault weapon.

My question is this: If one were to buy a Ruger 10/22 rifle and then use a similar or identical stock and barrel as seen on the Ruger 22 Charger, would this be legal? If I am correct, the CA SB23 only designates CENTERFIRE rifles as being able to be classified as AWs, not rimfires. Thus a 10/22 rifle with a pistol grip and possessing the capacity to accept detachable magazines as legal. Also, I am not aware of and federal regulations which disallow rifles being converted into "pistols".

-the dex

02-01-2008, 2:44 PM
If you swap out the stock of a 10/22 rifle with the stock of a charger, you may run afoul of Federal Law pertaining to the minimum length of a gun.

Once it's a rifle, it's always a rifle.
Minimum barrel length: 16"
Minimum rifle length: 26"

That being said, are you sure you want a Charger? What do you see in this thing that makes it worth paying a premium over any other run of the mill 22LR pistol? Is there really a need for a pistol that comes with a bipod?


02-01-2008, 2:53 PM
Ah yes that is right, the 26" rule. To be honest I really don't care for the Charger. I only ask on behalf of a friend of mine who thought it looked cool. I really was pressing him to get a normal 10/22, as I feel the Charger will quickly lose its fun an new status. Myself I am more of a 10mm and 45 guy.

If the 26" rule is the proverbial wall in his path, I'll explain how he should listen to me next time and get what I tell him. Thanks.

-the dex