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11-09-2013, 5:19 AM
Great little comment by a great gun advocate.


"….When it comes to the Second Amendment, there are idealists and realists. I’m a little of both.

The idealist in me says that the Amendment is quite clear, and that it should be sufficient in and of itself. “Keep and bear arms” should mean that we would not be prevented from possessing and carrying personal arms (as opposed to ordnance; I believe the founder’s use of the word ‘arms’ was specific for a reason, like everything else they put there.) Any restriction on that ability would seem to be an infringement of the type the founders specifically disallowed.

At the same time the realist in me understands that the courts have generally upheld the concept of ‘time, place, and manner’ restrictions on some enumerated rights. In general, as long as those restrictions were ‘reasonable’ and ‘nondiscriminatory’ they have been allowed to stand….."

"….Does this make me less of a Second Amendment supporter than the absolutists? Hardly! My dream would be to take the Second back to the pure meaning the Founders intended — but I also know that it’s just a dream. I’ve got the dreams of the idealist, but understand that it’s the realists who will actually make progress in the direction I want to go.

A long time ago someone told me that you either acknowledge reality and use it to your advantage, or it will automatically work against you. I’ve seen that validated more times than I can possibly count. The more victories the realists make, the closer the idealists get to their goal. This is what works, as even a superficial reading of recent history will show."

11-10-2013, 11:37 AM
How can you be a realist when we only give up rights? If CA offered us 15 round mag limits or 5 day waiting period I think we'd all take it but that isn't what's happening. In other words we are't turning down offers to expand our rights...no such offers exist. Instead we are having our rights removed and saying "No, no further" is not idealist.