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01-31-2008, 8:55 PM
Subject: NEWS: Citibank takes major stand against American civil rights.

In a move shocking to many, a major financial services firm has made definite moves to discriminate against those who exercise their
uniquely American Civil rights. Worldnet Daily reports that Citibank has forbidden transactions which involve many common and legal types
of firearms sales and transfers.


I, for one, am already looking for another, more traditionally American financial services company to take the place of Citibank..
I will be cutting up my Citibank Credit Card and sending it to them with a copy of the Bill of Rights included.
I'm sure they could care less if even tens of thousands of us cancel our accounts, but at least we don't have to give them our money.

In case your thinking of doing the same, they can be reached at the following address:

U.S. Service Center
Citi Inquiries
100 Citibank Drive
San Antonio, TX 78245

Bank by Mail
PO Box 26901
San Francisco, CA 94126-6901


01-31-2008, 9:03 PM
Just got my NRA credit card.

Stuff those sods at citicorp/bank/wuss


01-31-2008, 9:05 PM
More info at http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=81605&highlight=citibank

01-31-2008, 10:27 PM
I considered cutting up mine for the principal of it.

Problem is, my Citibank card has *by far* the highest credit limit of any of my CC's, by far the lowest interest rate, by far the best perks, and I've had it the longest.

For those of you that don't know, the longer you have a line of revolving credit open and in good standing, the better it counts on your credit record. Closing a credit account you've had open for 10 years removes 10 years of good credit history off your record.

Not something I can afford to do when I'm preparing to purchase a house sometime soon.

Last gun I purchased (after this story originally broke) I used my Citi card for. As long as that is the case for me, I have no choice but to keep it open.

The first time I'm denied for something other than being over my limit, though, and I'll suck up the loss on my credit record and stand on my principals. :rolleyes:

01-31-2008, 11:00 PM
Old news. And FYI, this doesn't affect credit cards, it is the merchant services that are being messed with.

02-01-2008, 4:34 AM
F Citi.

I don't think this means you can't use your Citi CC to buy guns. It means gunshops can't use Citi for their end.

02-01-2008, 5:45 AM
I don't think this means you can't use your Citi CC to buy guns. It means gunshops can't use Citi for their end.


02-01-2008, 8:16 AM
And if you bother to look into this, you'll find it is First Data Mechant who is contracted to handle Citi credit card services that has this new policy about non-face to face gun sales.

First Mechant Data is a wholly owned company of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) and not owned or controlled by any bank. In their own words, here is what First Data does:

First Data provides payment processing services to the world's largest financial services providers, to the merchant around the corner, and to businesses and governments of all sizes in between.

First Mechant Data now also handles American Express. If you have any credit card issued by an MABA bank, you are also dealing with First Data.