View Full Version : Carney joins Congressional Second Amendment Caucus

01-29-2008, 5:24 AM
Nice to see, wonder how big this caucus is?


Carney joins Congressional Second Amendment Caucus

Washington - Congressman Christopher Carney (D-10) became a member of the bipartisan Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, which is dedicated to the right of lawful individuals to own firearms as stated in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“As an avid sportsman, I value the time I spend taking my own children hunting. As a Member of Congress, I know that we must fight to preserve the Constitutional right for individual citizens to keep and bear arms. Hunting and shooting sports are valued traditions in Pennsylvania, and I will always fight to protect the Constitutional right to bear arms,” said Congressman Carney.

The Second Amendment Caucus is opposed to the banning of firearms, their accessories, their manufacture and their importation, and recognizes the right of lawful citizens to carry a weapon both at home and while traveling the nation.

“I have been vigilant to the assaults hurled upon the Second Amendment during my time in office and I joined the caucus to continue the fight,” continued Carney. “The Constitution is clear on this—Americans have the right to bear arms, and I will fight to protect it.”