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89 Vision
10-26-2013, 8:09 PM
Hi guys,

I bought these awhile back with some projects in mind. But being the ever fickle collector/shooter, my interests have changed. I glanced at each of them when I first received them, but haven't looked at them since. Even looking at them can get a bit messy as they are all pretty well coated with cosmoline. Because of this, I'm sorry, but I will not be providing pics or detailed descriptions of any of them. This will be first come first serve.

Assumptions that can be safely made; Gun will be in overall good to very-good condition. May or may not match. May or may not be counter bored. Do NOT have cleaning rods. I don't remember any rust or pitting with any of the parts showing. I have not taken off the stocks to check any further. Expect dark but very shootable bores. Bores may actually be pretty good, or may shoot bright, but again, assume dark with strong lands and grooves. None of them will win any beauty contests, but will be excellent shooters and will become one of your favorite carbines.

Since I'm not planning on taking these things out of the box again, it will be first come first serve. I can just pick one at random or if it's really important to you, I'll bring all three and you can go through the messy process of choosing. Either way......price is firm at $180 for one. $340 for two, or $500 for all three. These will all be sold cash and carry, provided you are of legal age, and not a prohibited person.

I live in West Covina but work in Anaheim. I can meet face to face in or around those places. If buying all of them, perhaps other arrangements for a slightly further meet can be arranged. Don't really want to deal with shipping, but if I can't sell FTF, then I'll consider shipping. Thanks guys, PM me if you have any questions. Get them while you can......cash and carry guns will only continue to increase in price as we get close to the end of the year. If you want one these, NOW is the time.

89 Vision
11-03-2013, 9:13 PM

The Bubble
11-09-2013, 11:44 AM
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