View Full Version : Interview - Colion Noir to pursue being 2A lawyer

10-26-2013, 3:26 PM
This is probably a dupe somewhere so feel free to delete.

I remember seeing a lot of his videos being passed around earlier in the year, but never saw this one. Toward the end he states he passed the bar exam and hopes to be involved with 2A issues.

If you aren't familiar with who he is check out his related videos on YouTube. He became an NRA commentator when all the gun control talk was exploding.


His homepage.


10-26-2013, 5:15 PM
I've enjoyed his YouTube videos. Our side of the debate needs more well spoken, non old white men to explain to the low info people why all of our rights are important and need to be respected. Congratulations to Mr. Noir on passing the TX bar. I didn't grow up around firearms either, aside from summer scout camp. It was curiosity and wanting to get something before the right is taken away. It's addicting, that's for sure.