View Full Version : Is it worth it? "revised"

BlK Lantern
10-21-2013, 9:51 PM
Currently I'm considering trading my Henry 30/30 Steel with round barrel (not the brass) for a pre-Remington Model 336w. My basis for this consideration is a) The Marlin holds 6 + 1 as opposed to 5 + 1 b) Loading method tube vs side gate c) Durability can a Henry with the tube fed magazine handle the pressure of some custom loads.

As usually I appreciate your expertise and help before making a final decision.

10-22-2013, 11:28 AM
straight trade? yes without hesitation.

*** I will come back & actually add the reasoning later.
edit; I am too lazy to lay out the reasoning - I just think that the marlin is a better gun & I have grown more accustom to the pistol grip style stock (there is a actual name for it, but I don't remember) vs the straight stock

BlK Lantern
10-22-2013, 4:32 PM
Thank you. The guy gave me a real tough deal but I took it because the Pre-Remington Marlin's are proven. I honestly like the Henry's (Blued not brass) for their quality but I'm having hard time being convinced that the loading tube is superior and practical for the outdoors...

10-22-2013, 5:48 PM
I agree The Marlin is better because the way it loads.