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L.A.G. Tactical
10-13-2013, 9:05 AM
Hello all! We wanted to start this thread to let you guys know what we are about and answer any questions you may have.

L.A.G. Tactical is a veteran and shooter owned and operated company specializing in custom kydex holsters and other shooting accessories. We have an unfailing commitment to giving our customer's the best customer service experience and the best product for their intended use, possible.

This company was started because we found the "industry standard" lead times for custom kydex work to be absolutely unacceptable, and the attitude towards customers displayed by some, to be less than ideal at best.

Therefore, we advertise a 2 week production guarantee. Your custom holster will ship on or before 2 weeks from the day you place the order, guaranteed. And 2 weeks means 2 calender weeks, not "14 business days". If for whatever reason you try your LAG Tactical product and are not satisfied, we will work with you to modify, return or exchange it for something else.

Our holsters have almost universally been described by those who use them as being the most comfortable holster they've ever carried. The original design was to make the smallest, most compact, yet most functional and comfortable concealment holster on the market. It is not unusual for our customers to report being able to easily and comfortably conceal mid to large framed guns.

All of our belt mounted holsters ship with one (1) set of IWB loops AND one (1) set of OWB loops included.

I feel like I could go on and on and on, but I'll spare you guys the sales pitch. Photos of our custom work can be seen on our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/lagtactical) and our Twitter account @LAGTactical.

Of course you can always visit our website (http://www.lagtactical.com) for more info and to place your order.

Finally, if anyone has any questions about our company, our products, services, capabilities or custom orders etc. please feel free to get in contact with me on here, or I can be reached at:


Thanks guys!


Hunter Osborne
Vice President

11-20-2013, 11:19 AM
Just found out you guys were vendors here. Just wanted to bump the thread and let everyone on CGN know that these guys are legit. I have been carrying my Kimber in one of their Defender holsters for awhile now and it is fantastic.

And yes, I got my holster 10 days after I ordered it. Can't beat that.

11-28-2013, 2:30 PM
Met Chris at the Reno Gun Show and really liked the quality. Will be ordering a couple for my handguns soon.