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Matt Burkett Practical Shooting Volumes 1 - 3 (2 disc set)

Matt Burkett's original Practical Shooting DVD vol. 1-3. Watch and learn as professional shooter Matt Burkett teaches his student (Kevin Elpers) the techniques required to be a successful IPSC handgun shooter. Everything is covered: Safety, Equipment Choice and Set-up, Stance, Grip, Eye Dominance, Sight Information, Weak/Strong Hand, Target Transitions, Draws, Reloads, Trigger Control, Shooting while Moving and much more! Guest star Don Golembieski (master gunsmith) takes you through equipment selection and maintenance. Disc Two has a bonus interview with your host and Brian Enos, covering: cross-dominance, sighting techniques, fundamentals of shooting discussions, and, "consciously moving your attention."

This video set will teach the skills and techniques needed to dominate in the competitive shooting sports as well as provide an advanced level of knowledge and skill set for the casual shooter. Highly recommended as your first competition DVD. 155 min.

Price: $39.50 each
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Matt Burkett “How To Practice” DVD Volume 7

Practical Shooting Vol. 7 - "How To Practice" is a step-by-step video guide on planning your range time by working on the perfect drills for your specific needs.
Professional shooter Matt Burkett instructs student Kevin Elpers in Volume 7 of the Practical Shooting Series - "How to Practice - Pistol Tips and Drills," revealing the concepts and techniques used by professional shooters to develop and hone their skills. Matt and Kevin show you how and what you need to practice in order to excel at practical shooting. By identifying problem areas, Matt will show you how to make your weaknesses your strengths.
Included are printable, practice sheets you can take to the range, which will help you focus your practice sessions and begin tracking your improvement. 105 min.

Price: $39.50 each
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