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09-24-2013, 5:39 AM
VETERANS Benefit Silhouette Rifle match
Military Rifle Silhouette Match Shooters will be hosting a Veterans Silhouette Rifle match on October 19, 2013 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Ione, Ca. All proceeds from the Match will be donated to The Independence Fund. The website is http://www.independencefund.org/

This match is free to all Veterans and is our way of saying thanks.
Pre-signup is requested so that we can arrange for sufficient rifles/equipment/ammunition.
Sign-In: 7:45 a.m. –8:30 a.m. Safety briefing at 8:30- 8:45 a.m. The match will begin at 9:00 a.m. Every shooter will have a coach/mentor to assist in helping sight it and scoring, target setters will also be provided for disabled shooters.
Safety Brief: 8:30 a.m.to 8:45 a.m. Eye and ear protection is required. Use of chamber flags is required. Flags will be inserted during all cease fires, and when rifles are removed from the firing line. Rifles must be carried muzzle up when being moved.
Course of Fire:
Each shooter will have a 15 minute sight in allowance. Total shots for record are 40. (Have at least 20 more for sighters and potential shoot offs), depending on turn out we may shoot 20 shots to allow more people to shoot.

• Chickens @ 200 meters, 10 rounds/10 minutes for ten shots.
• Pigs @ 300 meters10 rounds/10 minutes for ten shots.
• Turkeys @ 385 meters), 10 rounds/10 minutes for ten shots.
• Rams @ 500 meters10 rounds/10 minutes for ten shots.

• Stock M1 Rifles will be allowed, a limited number of M1 Rifles will be available for use.
• Other Military rifles will be available for use, notify Tom, Frank, Bob.
• Slings, shooting jackets and shooting pads can be used.
• Front support such as bedroll, sand bag, ammo box, or similar rest can be used; no mech. rests can be used.
• No rear support (other than your hand) is allowed except for disabled shooters.
• Bench rest positions will be available for disabled shooters who cannot shoot prone.
• Slip on re-coil pads or stock extenders are allowed.
Time Limits for Each Stage: 10 minutes for ten shots, the time limit is for "sighters" and all shots for record. Once the "record run" has begun there will be no more sighters.

Silhouette Color: Black or White or mixed for best visibility.

Rifles: Any stock semi-automatic military M1-Garand or any pre 1945 military issued rifle foreign or domestic.

Ammunition: Match grade soft point/ballistic or poly tip bullets are required, steel jacketed lead core bullets will not be allowed, ammunition will be available to shooters without ammo. AP, FMJ's, Incendiary, and Tracers are not allowed.

Classes: Veteran Prone, Veteran Bench, Disabled American Veteran Bench.

Cost $25 (which includes the $7 range fee) to mentors/coaches sponsoring shooters. You may sponsor an additional Veteran for $10.00 more.

Lunch: Lunch will be served at the end of the match. Ribs, Chili, and soda, will be free to ALL Veterans; a $5.00 donation will be accepted to cover the cost.

Coaches/Mentors/Volunteers: who have donated the shooter fee and their time to coach will not be charged for lunch but donations will be accepted. Don’t have a veteran shooter and want to coach/mentor, contact one of the following:

Frank Ambruso, Bay area coordinator.
Ambruso@astound.net, (650)-363-1651

Harry Webb, Military Silhouette Rifle Shooters coordinator.
qhfella@hotmail.com or (209)-327-1877

Donations: We would appreciate donations from anyone that may, or may not be, shooting related for our “Silent Auctions” to benefit The Independence Fund. Donations should have an approx value of around $15-$25 and be clean/serviceable, bring out your old bags of brass, bullets, clips, reloading equip, slings, militaria, and gun parts, we all have them gathering dust in the basement/garage.

Auction sheets, we will have auction sheets available for you to list your name as donator, a brief description of the item for sale. If you need one to fill out before the match, Email Ambruso@astound.net for a Word Doc. File you can print out.
If you have an old photo of yourself in your “Shrunken Uniform” you can attach it to your auction sheet, hell we might even have an award for the ugliest face.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is located at 15501 Meiss Road, Sloughhouse, CA 95683 and is located approximately 15 miles southeast of the city of Sacramento. Do not use car based GPS or Internet/electronic maps for directions to the range as they often have you entering from Dillard Road. Meiss from Dillard is an unpaved, nearly impassible rock road. Use Ione Road to approach Meiss Road.
Additional information is on their website. http://www.sacvalley.org/