View Full Version : Have some 54R ammo-looking to trade for 8mm,762TOK/30 Mauser, or??

09-15-2013, 1:46 PM
Hello fellow CR people, i have about 3-400 rds of 54R ammo and am looking to do a straight trade for some other CR appropriate ammo..

The 54r is what used to come (still does?) in the sardine cans-15rds wrapped in paper with string, basic ball, not silver tip,not yellow/silver tip(although there are maybe 10-20 of those off the top of my head) and i have had it for probably 15+years, stored in dry garage,no corrosion etc....

I would like to trade in the following manner/ratios-

round for round for 8mm Mauser from Czech,Yugo,Romania,Poland,etc...... If you have Turk 8mm...... will have to try qty adj..... I may even consider Wolf 8mm..... never shot it, have to check reviews...

2 for 1 for 762Tok/763 Mauser- 2 rds Tok for 1 round 54r.... or maybe 2 rds 54r for 3 rds TOK/Mauser

Trade done in OC location to be sorted out-like starbucks or something

I also have some 8x56R with both the Lion Crest and the Waffenamt Eagle- date codes 37, 38 so more for collecting but..... anyway if interested let me know, i think i have about 120 rds of this, can confirm qty.....ammo in sealed boxes for most part,on the stripper clips,some that are not in the box do have corrosion/discoloration so would suggest those are display rounds.....

Some other ammo i may be looking for would be 38s/w,9mm Steyr, 45 Short Colt(450 Corto), ....but have to revisit these calibers....

FTR- I am not interested in the inflated prices on the ammo now a days,just want to do some worthwhile trading and i know we all have ammo we purchased years ago sitting around.

Please PM me if interested-thanks people:D

09-23-2013, 8:38 PM
PM sent...

10-28-2013, 4:02 PM
Bump..... still would like to trade some 7.62x54r ammo for 7.62 Tokarev /.30 mauser ammo......

11-03-2013, 8:42 AM
Bump and it looks like the 8x56r ammo for the Austrian M95 is gone..