View Full Version : Bought New Rem 700BDL Muzzle UN-Loader

09-14-2013, 4:00 PM
My friend bought a new Rem 700BDL in 7mmRem mag.

Right away I saw a problem: A defective rifle---The bolt was on the wrong side.:facepalm:

So he put one of my handloads in it and shoots. Bolt a bit stiff. He looks at me and I tell him they were right out of the Nosler's new manual using new brass and Nosler bullets. :confused:

He loads again and shoots. Bolt will not open. Hammer it open and case looks fine. I repeat to him they are book loads.:oji:

He loads a factory Barnes cartridge and shoots. Stuck bolt. Hammer it open and case stays in the chamber. I get a cleaning rod out of my truck and drop it down the barrel. Out come the case. Looks good. He repeats this 4 more times and need to use my cleaning rod each time to remove the case after hitting the bolt open. :mad:

So we go from the range to the rifle shop and return the rifle to be repairs or send it to the factory to be repaired. I did not want to work on a brand new rifle and then have the shop or Rem refuse to fix i because I did.

I did tell him that if he hunted with it I would loan him my extra cleaning rod so he could use his new Rem Muzzle UN-Loader but do not plan on a fast 2nd shot.:eek:

Good job Rem.

Got to love Rem quality control nowdays.:facepalm: