View Full Version : 5TL STAG 6.8mm SPC complete lefty rifle New in Box @ Metroshot

01-12-2008, 6:37 AM
@ Metroshot - Exclusive!

Left handed 6.8mm SPC $1150: 7112

this model above is the standard 5HL model. The picture below shows a rail that has been factory installed using a Samson quad rail on the lefty rifle! Looks like this Stag 2TL rifle, but in 6.8mm SPC which is technically a Stag 5TL:

For you southpaws out there - left handed Stag Arms 6.8mm rifle for sale!
Price for the 5TL rifle as pictured: $1299 plus tax and DROS.
All prices include: 6.8mm caliber marked Stag lower, and the California conversions - P50 mag lock, 30/10 6.8mm magazine.
Optional upgrades: Military spec stock, Magpul options, MIAD grips, Trijicon ACOG, etc....
Get yours @ Metroshot !

Right handed models are $50 less: 7111