View Full Version : Sold WTS/WTT MOSIN NAGANT T-53

09-08-2013, 6:09 PM
Type 53 Carbine
-fair overall condition
-80% bluing
-stock rough
-3-4 lb crisp trigger
-mirror sharp bore with strong rifling
Additional information:
Has a very rough appearance,some pitting primarily on bolt.Mechanically sound condition,average metal wear and excellent barrel.
Rifle has been completely dis assembled,cosmoline removed,cleaned and a function test has been performed with five dummy rounds.
http://i961.photobucket.com/albums/ae94/Berserks9/DSC00282_zps71278ca2.jpg (http://s961.photobucket.com/user/Berserks9/media/DSC00282_zps71278ca2.jpg.html)
http://i961.photobucket.com/albums/ae94/Berserks9/DSC00286_zpse0e60a78.jpg (http://s961.photobucket.com/user/Berserks9/media/DSC00286_zpse0e60a78.jpg.html)
http://i961.photobucket.com/albums/ae94/Berserks9/DSC00289_zps83dea7f4.jpg (http://s961.photobucket.com/user/Berserks9/media/DSC00289_zps83dea7f4.jpg.html)
Location: San Jose (south)
Shipping: 30$
Note: can be shipped to directly to California resident that is not
a prohibited person and has no city or county restrictions.No FFL is necessary,send pm for more information.

09-08-2013, 6:09 PM
Trade/Want To Buy:
-M1 Garand parts HRA,accessories,en bloc clips and birch stock sets
-Russian SKS rifle Izhevsk
-SKS parts,accessories,stripper clips and bayonet(black finish)
-91/30 parts,stock sets and accessories
-Remington SPR 100 single shot shotgun
-Baikal single shot shotgun
-Baikal single shot rifle
-7.62x54r stripper clips
-7.62x54r ammunition Yugo M70
-7.62x39 ammunition Yugo M67 on stripper clips

E Michael
09-20-2013, 2:34 AM
Were you going to make your way up to sacramento any time soon?

09-20-2013, 6:25 PM
I do not have any plans to do so,if i head in that direction in the near future I will contact you.

10-07-2013, 10:02 PM

10-08-2013, 1:02 PM
I'll take it.

PM incoming.