View Full Version : Think It Through

09-04-2013, 1:32 AM
I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but what we are preparing to do is an act of war. Commission of this act is being brought to the People's elected representatives for absolution and authorization. Absolution is for the President's "Red Line" threat without plan or foresight. He must garner the support of the "people" in order to maintain credibility at home and abroad. I'm certain that maintenance of his legacy must be somewhere in his calculi. Authorization for war is just that. Neither House of Congress may plan for or execute conflict. Waring by committee is not an option and that's why a definition of scope was not given by Secretary Kerry (the obvious lead testifier.)

Although the Joint Chief of Staff, General Dempsey, chose to provide reason and intelligence behind closed doors, Secretaries Kerry and Hagel were quick and content to shovel onto the pile of obvious.OK, chemical weapons were used. Proof of origin, source or delivery are necessary.. Don't send us in for a "Boogey Man." or "Jabeerwaky"; fiction breeds discontent, and the obvious is eventually apparent. Your words are my war.